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    Our HERstory

    Waking Women Healing Institute is survivor and MMIW/P family member led 501c3 nonprofit that was founded in December of 2020 and is located in Gresham, WI.  As a survivor led organization we felt we must create a place of learning and healing that addresses the alarming rates of violence we face due to patriarchal and colonial oppression.  Our work includes healing justice, social justice, environmental justice, and supporting our survivors and MMIW/P family members through direct services and programs. We dedicate full time staff/volunteers and resources to be able to provide the following 3 tenants, RESTORE. UPLIFT. IGNITE. Once we have opportunity to connect to our identity and cultural tools for healing, the outcomes we will see are the reclamation of just, equitable governance structures, and systems of care that benefit all peoples now, and 7 generations from now.


    Our Vision

    To collectively build a place for the 7th generation in which Indigenous Women/Girls/2Spirit have reclaimed power over self in mind, body, free from settler and gender-based violence, with access to healthy Waters and respectful connection to Mother Earth for all beings

    Our Mission

    To protect against, heal from, and illuminate acts of settler colonialism that result in violence against our Indigenous women/girls/2spirit, Water, and Mother Earth through restoring traditional Matriarchal roles, governance, and Eco Systems of Care that will ensure the health of mind, body, spirit, and emotion for our 7th Generation.


    All of our MMIW and sexual violence survivors’ direct services  are culturally founded and land-based that connect to women's medicine and development in connection to spirit across the life-span


    We use survivor centered approaches that empower through offering choice and uplift survivor voice by creating visibility in community, media, and systems


    We have formed a regional working collaborative of support that works to support MMIW families,  de-colonize policy and institutions, and create environmental protections that are equitable and sustainable that spans the Great Lakes Area

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