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    Traditional Birthing Program

    We are reclaiming our minds, bodies, and spirit as indigenous women, girls, and two-spirit by providing choice as to how we
    decide to heal, tend to our beings, and develop community. If we provide spaces of learning and re-connecting to indigenous identity
    we will see healing, creation of accessible and equitable healthcare, and liberation from oppressive structures.

    Our intention is to RESTORE traditional birthing practices within our community to prevent & heal from violence through our Traditional Birthing Program which will offer Birth Keeping (doula) training, parent support programs, and access to cultural birthing tools.

    We will serve Indigenous women of birthing age, infants & children ages 0-5.

    The first phase of this work is to build access to traditional birth keepers through our Kāēyas Mamāceqtawak Birth Keepers Circle, a cohort of trained and certified Full Spectrum Indigenous Doulas.  Doulas are non-medically trained support persons and known to be like a Traditional Aunty and Advocate. They will provide traditional, spiritual, emotional, physical support with advocacy through the entire spectrum of reproduction, including fertility, pregnancy, loss, abortion, birth, and postpartum.

    The Kāēyas Mamāceqtawak Birth Keepers Circle  meets monthly to share and exchange knowledge around birthing, advocacy, and systems change. These meetings are supportive, educational, and include traditional birthing teachings to and with our Birth Keepers. Meetings are co-facilitated by elders, knowledge holders, and birthing program experts to offer culturally founded supports and increases access to birth keepers now and 7 Generations from now. 

    For questions about the Traditional Birth Keepers Circle, Traditional Birthing, or if you or someone you know is wishing to be connected to a Traditional Doula please contact our:

    Traditional Birthing Program Coordinator

    Lea Kolner @

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